Saturday, August 8, 2009

flea market bust

We headed out to the flea market again this morning. This time we left early to try and beat at least some of the heat. We were more prepared this time (notice Olivia's hat!) but didn't manage to find a thing. Nothing. Nadda. I was bummed, my guy with the vintage crates & bottles wasn't there. I thought it was pretty rude that he stood me up. Oh well, maybe next time.

But we did stop at a Rooms To Go outlet store on the way home just to see what they had. We moved our computer from my scrap room into the living room and for the last week it's been on a 4ft banquet table. Very stylish, lemme tell ya. Anyway, we happened upon this desk that was over 50% off. Woo hoo!! It had a few scratches & bumps but who adds character, right?

Of course, I will be painting it. Not the top, but that ugly yellowy cream color that does not match my living room (or any other room for that matter). I'll probably paint it white. Ooh, but wouldn't it look cute with that blue color that the Nester used for her entertainment center?? And those drawer pulls have to go. But I really liked it and for the price it was a good deal considering the Walmart desk I was looking at was the same price only not solid wood. So even though the flea market was a bust, we still ended up with a good find.

Hopefully the hubster will be home shortly with a DVD rental so we can have some relaxing movie time this afternoon. After all the running around we did this morning my kids are still bouncing off the walls. I swear nothing wears them out!!

I'll leave you with a layout I did yesterday. Finally got to play with the Noel Mignon kit from last month.

I added a vintage dictionary page (how perfect was it that "school" was at the top of that page??) & the "2" was cut from a vintage flash card.



lauriec said...

We went to the flea market this morning too---first time in about 4 yrs. Hunter commented on how it used to be better. Have you been to Angela's attic in Opelika?

Christyn said...

that hat is totally fab! At least there are treats and bargains on the road home. love the title on the layout.

Anonymous said...

I am voting for the blue like the nester. That would just pop in your living room. Your house is so cute I know you will make something amazing happen. I want to do the flea market thing! My hubby would not have any of that. "Got to cut the grass" or some other excuse. I don't blame him I don't do ESPN either. Oh well, maybe you can pick Abby and I up and we can have girl outing.
Cute layout!! Love the shoes Olivia! I miss yall!!
Kellie D.

Carol said...

OK, if you pick up Kellie and do the flea market thing, you better not leave me out!! Cute layout, too!

Michelle said...

ok girls, next time it's girl's morning out at the flea market :)

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