Sunday, August 2, 2009

more fun with KGK

So what did you think of the August kit from Kraft Girl Kits?? Cute, huh?? Well, I had a sudden burst of creativity Friday night and cranked out 2 more layouts. You know, when I should have been getting some sleep for our yard sale. Speaking of that, we did well. Got rid of a bunch of stuff. The majority of the things didn't sell when right to Goodwill. A whole van load. Whew. It was sooo nice to get that stuff out of my house! Now I need to move onto cleaning my kids' rooms. That is not a project I'm looking forward to. I envision another trip or 2 to Goodwill in my near future.

Before I get to the layouts I did, I want to show you my kids and their little bake sale during the yard sale.

Had I known they would sell out I would've made more brownies. Oh, and don't forget the drinks...

I cracked up when Olivia sold a brownie to one of the ladies that walked up and I heard her say "would you like a Coke to go with your brownie??" Such a little entrepreneur! The deal was that if they sat and did the bake sale they could keep the money. Ben decided to add it to the money in his bank and buy a game for his didj. Olivia's saving hers til she has enough for a new game. (Ben's been saving longer. Olivia's money burns a hole in her pocket!)

And now, on to the layouts :)

Another addiction...Martha Stewart butterfly punch and border punches. Love 'em.



Rita said...

Love those new layouts!! This kit has just been amazing to work with! Is it bad that I'm already starting to think about September's kit??

Virginia said...

Lovely as always, my friend! I love seeing your details! I sent several links of yours to a friend of mine who was looking for inspiration for little Christmas gifts (like clipboards and such). :) Thanks for all the fun eye candy!

Christyn said...

fantastic! love how stretched the flower. I stuck half of one under a photo and now I'm thinking I need to rescue it. I with Rita and starting to think about September even though I still have lots to play with.

sarah said...

beautiful layouts!!!! loved it all! :)

it's always so fun to see what everyone creates! ...and you totally rocked this kit :)


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