Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday randomness...

Remember when I talked about scrapbooking the everyday? This is exactly what I meant:

Let's see, we've got safari hats, Woody hat on top of Olivia's safari hat, belts, a Twilight wristband, a suitcase, a Woody vest. And, oh yeah, that's Transformers underwear around my daughter's wrist. Don't ask...

Don't ask me what they were dressed up as. I don't think they even know. The everyday stuff. My kids being silly and dressing up with whatever they could find at the moment.

Yep, there's a page coming on this one. You can be sure of it.
Our latest pets

Why do we as fish owners always feel it's necessary to get tank decorations that represent something that could eat our fish?? Not sure about that one. The kids have been bugging me to get some fish. So, I got the cheapest aquarium possible. I like to look at fish but I don't want to clean up after them. So a small tank is just perfect for us. There's 2 glowfish and 3 tiger barbs. The kids love them...and it's less hassle than a bunny or hamster. Definitely.
Check out the postcard that came in the mail today:

That picture on the front made me laugh. Check out the pipe in the dog's mouth. hehe It came from the priest of our church who's in Ireland right now. He's originally from there but has lived in the U.S. most of his life. He goes back home every July to visit family. I thought it was cute that the sent this to my kids knowing how silly they are and how much they like animals & dogs :)

Little things.

Little things are fun.
And then there's this. Old photos that my dad gave me.

The first one is my grandpa and the second is my uncle, both of whom I never knew.

I have no idea who's in this next one cause it wasn't marked but I just think it's a cool picture.

Great history. I can't wait to scrap these (and the other 1100 photos on the CD my dad gave me. whew!)

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