Friday, July 10, 2009

documenting life, preserving memories

You ever notice that sometimes we get so concerned with scrapbooking the "big events" in our lives that we sometimes forget the little stuff? You know, you make sure to get all the major holidays scrapped, birthday, etc. But then what about all the little stuff in between that actually mold more of our lives than the "big" stuff?

I've noticed that there seems to be 3 kinds of scrappers, ones that scrap mostly major events/holidays, those that scrap mostly the little stuff, and then the ones in between. And that last one is where I seem to fall most of the time, leaning more towards the little stuff than major events. That's what I love about this hobby ~ preserving memories. All of the memories big and small.

Because when I look back on stuff, I remember little things like when my son at almost 3 yrs old would recite the line from "The Grinch" ~ you're the....the, the, the, THE GRINCH! Of course, he couldn't say it right so it sounded even cuter! Or when my daughter at 2 yrs old said, as we were passing the cows that lived near our house, "tow feepy? take a nap? need a poo-ah?" (translation ~ cow sleepy? take a nap? need a pillow?)

Fun times. Good memories. So when you're scrapping all your holiday events, don't forget to scrap the "little" stuff, too!

All supplies from the June Studio Calico kit.


ArlaMo said...

This is darling! Still waiting for my July kit (supposed to arrive today!)
Thanks for commenting at my blog. We lived in MI while my DH was a resident at Mt. Clemens. We were there from 2002-2007.
Love your blog music, BTW!

Another Michelle, aka ArlaMo

Tami said...

I'm like you Michelle. I like to do big events and then the everyday moments that are so special. A funny smile or look your child gives you, a messy face, playing with their favorite toy. I think these are going to be the pictures we will cherish most in the future.

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