Friday, July 31, 2009

Christmas in July

I have always loved Christmas. The real meaning behind the holiday. The giving. The magic. I love every bit of it. I had been thinking about doing something for a Christmas in July theme. Then I came across this post by the daily digi and knew I had to do that, too!! So yesterday, we had our Christmas in July.

I know this picture is blurry but I love it :)
Yesterday was a lot of fun. I set the tree up the night before. And in the morning I got up early so I could wake the kids up and tell them "Merry Christmas!" Olivia kept looking at me funny and saying "it's not Christmas". So I told her to get up and look. When she got up and went into the living room she was in shock! Then she ran screaming and yelling into Ben's room saying "Wake up!! It's Christmas!!" And when they saw they had a couple presents they were even more excited!!

We spent the morning watching A Christmas story, playing with their new stuff and eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Then I had a few crafts for them that I picked up at Hobby Lobby (their Christmas crafts are on sale this week by the way). Oh, and I made some cake balls Christmas style of course. Then we had grilled ham for dinner (instead of our traditional baked ham for the holidays). The lighting in my pics is marginal thanks to the mostly dreary weather we had. But that's ok.

Olivia said to me later "So that's why you were up in the attic! you were getting the Christmas stuff down!" Gonna have to be sneakier next year!

This was a fun way for us to wrap up our summer vacation since my kids go back to school next week. I plan on doing this every year since it was so much fun. Next year I would like to pull down the stockings. After being in the attic for about 15 min I was dripping with so much sweat that I just said forget it! I'm thinking that when the Christmas rolls around I'll pack things up so that our Christmas in July stuff is in a separate box. That way I can find it all easily.

Anyone else do a Christmas in July event??

An added note:
Ben just came up to me as I was typing this and said "you know why I love Christmas in July?? Because it's from YOU!" {{sigh}}


Tami said...

Okay, you are the coolest mom ever!!! I wish it weren't July 31st or I'd be doing this too. Hmm.. maybe a Christmas in August?

KariAnnS said...

This is so cool. You do realize that you have created a memory that your kids will remember forever. They'll be telling their own kids about it.

Michelle said...

I hope they'll remember this!!

Tami, I just found this idea last week so I had to hurry with my preparations. Next year will definitely be earlier in the month :)

lisa dickinson said...

this is jut an awesome idea! and yep, you definitely win Mom of the Year points for this!! :)

Carol said...

Thanks for putting the rest of us moms to shame. Sorry, but we can't be friends anymore. :( Unless you have any leftover cake balls!!

Michelle said...

I'll bring you a couple tomorrow Carol :) Can we still be friends??

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