Monday, May 25, 2009

a week of dance, soccer, x-rays, graduation...

The last week of school...always a busy one.

We finished up soccer a little over a week ago. Olivia didn't play because of her knee but she stayed to cheer on her team for their last game. I wasn't sure if she was going to be able to dance at her recital last weekend because of her hurt knee. I actually took her for x-rays on Wednesday because she still wasn't straightening her leg right and she was still walking funny. I figured she had just bruised the bone (along with the big scrape) but the dr wanted it x-ray'd to be safe. Thankfully they turned out ok and by Friday she was finally feeling better.

This week we also had Ben's pre-K graduation. So sweet, it's hard to imagine my baby is going to be going into Kindergarten in just a few short months. Where does the time go???

When I compare the first day of school pics to the last day of school, I can really see how they've both grown.

And by the way God, if you're listening, this sure would be a good time to give me another take my mind off of my kids growing up too fast. You know, if you have a spare sec to answer a prayer or 2...I know there's a lot bigger prayers than mine out there...

Also this past week Olivia had her last dance class last Monday, pictures for her show and her dance performance this past Saturday. Boy did she have fun! She couldn't believe that she got to dance on such a big stage (or to put in her words "it's so HUGE!!")

She did great and I was so proud of her. Especially since she just started taking dance classes the end of February when most of the girls had been there since August.

On Memorial Day we didn't do a whole lot because of the rain that's been here in and out for several days. This was pretty much the scene at our house all morning:

G.I.Joe's & Barbies. I thought that was fitting for Memorial Day ;)I know, the picture's a bit blurry. Dang camera, still trying to figure it out. Barbie was helping out G.I.Joe cause he was hurt ;)

Then I took the kids to see Night at the Museum 2. Great movie!! I honestly didn't think it would be as good as the first one. I mean, we already know everything comes to life. How good could it be, right?? But let me tell ya, Hank Azaria as Kahmunrah was hilarious, as was Gen'l Custer. So many funny parts. My daughter said she liked it better than the first one. It's a toss up for me.

And now it's officially summer!! Let the fun soon as this rain goes away!
Completely off the subject, I just wanted to mention that I've periodically been adding blogs to the prayers section in the column on the right. I'm not going to mention any one in particular because they are all in need of your prayers. Please, take a moment and read them. Thanks :)

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Tami said...

Cute pictures Michelle! Great idea to take a year end school picture.

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