Thursday, May 14, 2009


Yesterday morning I was at my daughter's school for Olympic Week. They had all kinds of games that the kids were competing in. One of them was a sprint that the kids were doing outside on the bus ramp.

Olivia was ready. She was fast.

Actually, it looked like she was going to take 2nd place.

Then, I saw her stumble a little. Like her legs were just going too fast. And then it happened....

She scraped up her knee real good. And she got her hand, and part of her arm and other leg. Poor thing. I wanted to cry cause I knew how bad that hurt.

Then I made the suggestion that maybe they need to have this kind of race on the grass next time. But I'm sure next year will be the same. Even though I found out this morning that other kids got hurt, too. One even had to go get stitches because she fell so hard.

Olivia went on to participate in a few more things. But she sat out on the tug-of-war. Don't blame her! I thought she should have at least gotten an award for sportsmanship for participating despite here hurt leg.

She's doing a little better today. She's pretty sore. Poor thing :( And she has dance picture tomorrow. At least the costume should cover up her knee!!

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