Friday, May 15, 2009

beach parties & farm visits

Whew, I'm tired! Yesterday Ben had "beach day" at school. The kids had SO much fun!! I made my sandcastle cake again. Not sure if the kids had any or if they saw it but Ben thought it was pretty cool. And that's all that mattered. He and Olivia helped me put the inner tubes on the bears ;) (gummy life savers & teddy grahams)

The water is blue jello and the sand is crushed Nilla wafers. I like to use Nilla wafers because the outside of the cookie is darker than the inside. So when you crush them up you get different shades of "sand"...kinda like the real thing! Now the last time I made this cake I used clear piping gel tinted blue but I liked how the jello turned out a lot better. And, it's a lot cheaper, too. Even better! I waited until it was only partially set and then spread it around, then stuck the whole thing in the fridge. I got the inner tube idea from Bakerella (of course!).

Today I took Ben to a local farm for our "mommy-Ben day". We only have 2 more of these. This fall he'll be in Kindergarten and in school all week. So there won't be any of these days left :(

We played miniature golf

Of course, some ended up in the water!

We fed some goats (and I had to put my germ issues aside for this one)

Oh how this little goat was so cute!

Oh my, he's licking! Dave, just look away.

Check out the "eewwww" face on Ben! hehe We had lots of fun.

Tomorrow is the kids last day of soccer. Olivia won't be playing cause her knee is still hurting pretty bad and a bit swollen. Not sure if she's overreacting of if she really messed it up. If it's not better by Monday we'll be going to see the dr. I'm really hoping it gets better because she has her dance performance next Saturday and I know she'll be really disappointed if she can't participate (and so will I).

I have a few layouts to share but since this post is getting way long I think I'll put them in a separate post!! Night night everyone...on the east side of the U.S. that is! The rest of y'all are probably just getting done with dinner, right??


Kelly said..., great cake! And sweet photos of you and your little boy...

lovingmytwoboys said...

Jonas wants to know who's birthday cake that is! He thinks all cakes and parties are for birthdays!

Carol said...

We have a local farm?? Where is it? It looks like you guys had fun.

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