Thursday, April 16, 2009

I am *so* doing this!

I have been wondering what to do as far as wall hangings over my couch in the living room. Right now there's 2 large picture frames that I bought several years ago. They're nice but they're boring. I wanted to do something more interesting.

I thought about framing some of my kids artwork. That would be fun and colorfully appealing. Then I thought about framing some pictures I've taken of the kids, mixing in sepia and color photos for interest.

Then I saw this post on Elizabeth Kartchner's blog yesterday. And I thought "I so want to do that!" Because the wall above my couch is so large and so boring. It needs more than just some picture frames.

And so starts my quest.

My quest to find inexpensive "W"'s and other random things to hang there. I found a few things during my search on etsy yesterday. Here's a couple cute prints from Jen Skelley

I really like the idea of this by Java Jane

but I think I could do this myself and use one of the many unused frames I have laying around the house.

And this is kinda neat from Kelsy Henke:

Of course, I've found more but some were way out of my price range! I think next week I'm gonna head over to the antiques store downtown and see what kind of odds and ends I can find. I'm also going to try and figure out what I can make myself. I might also frame 1 or 2 artwork pieces from my kiddos. Mix it all together! I'm not looking for the wall to be super matchy-matchy.

I found this on 2peas today. SO neat! (couldn't get the picture on here). Definitely want to try something like that.

There's also a link on Elizabeth's blog to her inspiration. Lots to look at!! This is one of my faves:

I think once I'm done with the living room I have a long wall in my bedroom I'm going to tackle (that's been bugging me for 3 years!!) I'll let y'all know how it turns out when I'm done!

Happy Thursday everyone! Don't forget about the giveaway in the last post!


Virginia said...

Love all the fun stuff you've found!

I thought this was an interesting post with some good ideas too:

Can't wait to see what you end up with!

Tami said...

Love all the ideas!!! Hmm... I need to go shopping.

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