Monday, April 13, 2009

back to normal (aka coming down off the Easter sugar rush!)

Today the kids went back to school. And it's rainy. VERY rainy. Like, thunder that threatens to crack your windows. It seems to be tapering off a bit but it's still really overcast so I have a feeling the rain will be here all day. Which is a bummer cause the kids have soccer and playing inside just isn't the same.

Our Easter Sunday was wonderful. I woke up to the kids excited to find their Easter baskets. And the Easter bunny hid all of our eggs for our egg hunt so we had to go looking throughout the house to find them all! As my kids would say "that silly Easter bunny!"

....sooooo happy to get peeps!!

We went to church and the kids got to sit around the alter during the Homily and rest of Mass. They thought that was really cool. And I started envisioning future alter servers as I looked at my kids sitting up there :) After that we came home and a yummy lunch...while dogs sat around waiting for any scrap of ham to fall on the floor.

Jesse is very obvious and sits right on the rug by me while I'm cooking (and shooing her out of the kitchen a hundred times!) Being only 2 1/2 she hasn't quite learned the art of subtle begging yet! (she's right next to me, and the stove, in this pic)

Schuby, on the other hand, is a little more subtle. He lays by the back door...but still within a short distance of the cooking action in case anything falls on the floor.

and then I did the egg hunt for the kids in the yard. A fun day. Pretty relaxing like most holidays.

I'm going to use this rainy day to upload some photos to snapfish and get some scrappin' done. Have a wonderful Monday everyone :)

(I just *love* pics like this!)

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