Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What a difference a week can make, DWTS and a video

Ok, first off, Dancing With The Stars. I missed part of the beginning putting the kiddos to bed. But I was SO excited to see Melissa!!!! (from The Bachelor) Definitely a good choice for a fill-in. Jason eat your heart out! Makes you believe that some things really do happen for a reason. Had The Bachelor not ended the way it did, do you think she would've been picked for DWTS?? Probably not. But I'm so glad she was!

And, Ty (the cowboy), how cute was he?? I mean, you could tell he was SO nervous to dance and even though he wasn't technically that good, it was still fun to watch him cause you could tell he had fun. And Julianne and her boyfriend, could they be any cuter? Steve (the Apple guy), oh that was just painful to watch...And Gilles, what can you say about him. He's just yummy ;)

And what is up with the weather??

In just 1 week we went from this

to this
From 30s/40s to 70s/80s. So strange. But I'll take the flip-flops weather any day! Now I just need to repaint my toenails :)

And I'll leave you with a quick video I took of my daughter's hip hop class last night. Not sure how I feel about the music but I'm just not gonna think about it. Now, keep in mind, she's only been in this class a few weeks. And this particular routine they had just learned yesterday. So, well, they're still workin' on it. But clearly my daughter has spunk and energy and is really into the class!! (she's the one with the yellow shirt & black skort) Enjoy ;)


lisa dickinson said...

our weather is doing the same thing - except it went from warm to snow - ugh! i, too, am so ready for flip flop weather! :)

Carol said...

LOL! I just got a pedicure this morning because of the weather!! And I love the video!!

Aunt Kathy said...

The girl's got rhythm! So cute!

Grandma K said...

That'll burn some calories! Wish I had that energy.

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