Saturday, March 14, 2009

Twlight ~ not just for girls

So my husband, in an attempt to "understand my wife more" decided to grab my Twilight book to take on his trip this week. I found the idea of him sitting with a bunch of testosterone-filled males reading Twilight quite amusing to say the least. Those of you that know my husband, well you know his job isn't exactly for wusses.

But back to the book.

He calls me the other night and says "now why in the world would Bella go out at night, walking around a strange city, knowing that she always gets into trouble?" Um, for Edward to rescue her of course! But then I get a text message last night that reads "This book is getting a little too mushy. I'm tired of hearing how gorgeous Edward is" Hey honey, facts are facts. Then I get "if it doesn't pick up with some gratuitous.... and violence soon I might not finish this one"

Just wait the 4th book honey...
that's what you get for reading my chic book ;)

(BTW, he's now on the baseball scene so he's a little more into it now, or in his words "James just caught Bella's scent and now they're all freaking out) I think he might like New Moon a bit better with the werewolves and all...although I'm sure he'd get tired of Bella going on and on about missing Edward.

Hey honey, thanks for the effort!

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Tami said...

That is hilarious!! What a great guy your hubby is.

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