Wednesday, March 25, 2009

playing catch up

It seems like I'm spending this week (or what's left of it) playing catch up. With having company at our house and 2 kids sick I've gotten behind on some things. Plus, my allergies have been horrendous the last 2 weeks thanks to the thick layer of pollen. I've had to resort to using Benadryl since nothing else works. Bad thing about that is that it makes me spacey and super tired. I just might have to take a trip to my allergist cause I'm about to go nuts!! I can't take the itchies anymore!!!

I mentioned that we had company in town for a few days. My friend Elizabeth and her boys were here and we had lots of fun :) Friday night we did a bonfire in the backyard and made smores

(honest, there was a fire there!)

Saturday night I had a Twilight movie night on Saturday with a few friends. It was a lot of fun :)

Then at 12:30am that night/morning my son started getting sick (literally) with the flu. Thankfully with this round of sickies I had buckets nearby at all times and was not cleaning stuff out of my carpets. yuck :(

So this was the scene at my house for several days
Hopefully now everyone is on the mend (fingers crossed!!) Here's a couple things I've worked on. Another Disney layout...almost done with my album!!!

And a few more cards made from scraps. Now that I'm a card angel I have to keep my cards stocked!! And I have to say that it feels really good to use up some of my scraps.

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