Tuesday, March 24, 2009

long time no post...and a rant on the prez

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I've really posted anything! Lots happening over the weekend. My good friend Elizabeth came to visit and her and her kids stayed with us. Good fun!! All the while Olivia was fighting some kind of illness, not sure if it was the flu, a virus, or what. Then Saturday Ben starting coming down with the flu and is still sick. Saturday night I had my Twilight movie night with the girls :) Then Sunday I took a trip to the pediatric after hours with Ben. Monday we all stayed home with the sickies. Today we're on the mend, Olivia went back to school, Ben's still sick but somewhat getting better, and I'm just tired from lack of sleep and fighting allergies. Dang that stupid pollen!!! Go away already!!

So I'll be back later with photos and scrappy stuff (hopefully later today!)

I'll leave you with a post that I had started before but hadn't posted yet. Yes, another rant. You love me for it, you know you do!!! Hey, if people don't talk about this stuff, how is it going to get out there??
Once again Mr. President you have managed to screw the average, hard working American in your effort to make the rich pay even more (even though they already pay 95% of the ENTIRE taxes in this country). Now, I imagine they'll donate less to charitable and non-profit organizations. Is that what you really want?? Then again, who knows what you really want. By the way prez, are you aware that this small percentage of rich individuals in America make up the majority of charitable contributions in this country?? Now, far be it for me to defend the rich (cause I'm certainly not anywhere near being one of them) but when it affects me I'm gonna say something.

Just one step backwards in finding a cure for Crohns, Colitis, and all other diseases. Cause you know, you can't find a cure without money.

I'm dumbfounded (as I am about most of your choices).

Thanks Mr. President. {insert sarcasm here}

On February 26th, President Obama sent his first budget proposal to Congress. The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America applauds the President's commitment to reviving the economy and reforming our health care system. However, the budget also contains a proposal that would send the wrong message at the wrong time to those who support nonprofit organizations like CCFA.
The Administration is proposing to limit the federal tax deduction that individuals earning more than $250,000 may claim for charitable contributions. Currently, individuals making over $250,000 receive either a 33 percent deduction or a 35 percent deduction depending on their individual tax bracket. The President's proposal would limit all charitable deductions for individuals earning over $250,000 to 28 percent. This tax policy change would effectively devalue charitable gifts made by the very people who are in a position to make substantial donations, at a time when they are desperately needed. Given the potentially devastating impact of this budget provision on charitable giving, CCFA joins with other nonprofit organizations in strongly opposing the President's proposal.

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