Monday, January 5, 2009

work in progress

Still working on my scrap room. The room has been painted and most of my stuff is moved back in and getting organized. Just a few things here and there to finish up. Didn't get a whole lot done today since it was the last day of Christmas vacation. So I took the kids out for the afternoon. Then after they went to bed I was planted in front of the tv for the new season of The Bachelor. Yes, I admit it, I watch. But come on, who can't watch this season? Jason's such a cutie. Then again, I'm a sucker for a good looking guy with dark hair...if you've seen my husband then you already know that :) Should be an interesting season. There's always a few characters on that show!

Back to my room, I'm almost done. I'm hoping to finish up some stuff over the next day or 2 and share pics with you. I'm very excited! It's so nice to have a freshly painted room, don't ya think?? Makes me want to stay in here all day (not that I need a reason to stay in here all day!! lol) I'm getting everything organized and in it's place ~ FOR GOOD this time! It's so hard for me to stay organized in here. Not because I'm not an organized person, but because I don't have enough places to put my things. I mean, I'm organizing my room on a budget of, umm, $0. Not to mention my room is small. So I have to use what I have including snatching a bookshelf from my son's room or using an old table my husband made years ago. Hey, it works. We can't all have a dream room. But it's mine and I love it!

I'll share one thing with you. This is what I'm working on right now....

I'll share more pics/details of my room when it's all finished :)

As usual, I've stayed up way too late. And with the kids going back to school tomorrow 6:30am is going to come way too fast!


ashjoy said...

I love this way to display your work and decorate your space. Beautiful job!

Heather, Boston, MA said...

I love the display of layouts. Would you mind sharing what holds them up? Are they rings, or rings with clips? I would guess clips are easier to use since you can just take layouts off without removing the whole line. Thanks!

Boston, MA

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