Saturday, January 3, 2009

December Daily ~ Days 16-23

Here's the rest of my December Daily album with the exception of Dec 24 & 25. I haven't done those pages yet but I'm sure I'll be finished with those soon. Until then, here's Dec 16~23!

We had a whole yard full of cardinals on the 18th and I managed to catch a few pics of this one before he flew away. It's hard to get pictures of the birds. By the time I grab my camera and ever-so-quietly raise the blinds, all while trying to keep the dogs from getting riled up and barking (because I'm running around the house trying to find where I left my camera), the birds are usually gone or too far away to get a good picture.

On this page I added an envelope to hold recipes of the treats I made this year.

When I originally put this book together in November I held it together with 3 inch rings (since the smaller ones were just too small). And at the time I thought they were SO big, that this book would never be thick enough for them. Wow, was I wrong!

I'm so glad I used the bigger rings! And keep in mind for most days I only added a picture or 2 and minimal embellishments. This album gets big fast!

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Virginia said...

That looks so awesome girl! I need to finish mine up... I've got up 'til the 22nd done, and then I need to do those last few days. I have a LOT of pics from those days, tho, so I know it's gonna be a hard choice picking out what I want to use!

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