Wednesday, January 14, 2009

inspirational & very moving videos

In the last week I've come across some very moving videos. Be warned, you WILL need kleenex to watch these...several.

The first is on Layle Koncar's blog. Click here to view.

The second video is on Jessica Turner's blog, click here to view. This one broke my heart and uplifted me all at the same time. For a description of what's going on in that video, you can go here and view the video. I am *so* inspired by this family's strength and faith. I felt so honored to have had the chance to watch this video. Because there are many in this world who wouldn't have allowed this sweet baby girl to enter the world. It teaches us all about the sanctity of life. And the joy that she brought to her family, if only for just a few hours, shows God's faithfulness to all of us. And I know that they are thankful to God for having had a chance to see their daughter, to be able to love her and to say their goodbyes.

Lastly, with everything that is going on this month with abortion "rights", I would not feel right with myself if I did not post at least one thing on this issue. I know that most of you head over here for all the scrappy stuff! And I don't like to get too serious most of the time. But this is an issue that has come near and dear to my heart. I've been slammed with some quite negative comments in the past but most of you have been *so* wonderful. I would encourage you to head over to Priests for Life and click on the videos in the right sidebar on "various abortion procedures" and judge for yourself whether or not a "fetus" is a life. I wholeheartedly agree with Father Frank when he says this isn't just a "religious" issue. If we're going to talk about abortion, let's know what we're talking about. Everyone always talk about this issue but do we all really know exactly what we're talking about? We wouldn't think twice about looking at an x-ray or CAT scan when receiving medical advice so this should no different.

As a side note ~ I understand that there are those of you out there who do not agree with me. I get that. And maybe you'll watch the videos and still not agree with me. And I do not judge you so I would respectfully ask that you do the same. It is simply my hope that maybe you will change your mind.

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