Friday, January 9, 2009

December Daily ~ finished!

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It's done! This album has been bugging me for the last week. Not that it wasn't fun to do, it was. What's been bugging me is the fact that I had just 2 days left and it's been sitting unfinished. I can't stand unfinished projects, which is probably why I'm always stressing about things. Lately it seems as though my life is one big bowl of unfinished projects!! But, it's a new year and we all get to start over, right??!

So here's the last 2 days, Dec 24th & 25th

(the left side was from Dec 23rd)

And what the album looks like from the front just one more time

Do you know what I love about this album the most? The fact that every day throughout the holiday season was documented. Not every photo. Not every single memory. But little tidbits here and there which give a snapshot of our life last December. And now I don't feel stressed to scrapbook every single thing from the holidays. Because I know that if I don't get layouts done I still have them scrapbooked in this album.

This is definitely something that I'm going to do every year. So worth it and so easy and fun. One thing I will change next year is that I will choose a slightly larger album (this one was 6x6). I really like the white acrylic album Ali Edwards used but that one is no longer available. I'm thinking this one might work really well. I'm sure there will be some fun albums that come out this year that I can choose from. I've already jotted down in my Christmas notebook to get together my papers and embellishments ahead of time next year so that when December 1st rolls around I'm all ready to go!

Also, I'm about finished with my scrap room so I'll share pics of that either today or tomorrow. My room doesn't get good light until at least noon so I have to wait to take pics :)

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Carol said...

Love the album! It came out great Where did you get the large rings? I need some!!

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