Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sometimes it's hard to stay in the spirit...

I'm big into Christmas. I LOVE the season and all it stand for ~ the birth of Jesus, giving, togetherness, all that good stuff. But ya know, sometimes I read something in the paper, or on the internet and it just bothers me. And so, I'm gonna get on my soapbox for a minute. I have 2 things to share.

First, I read an article about a month ago about a mom who was having a rough time because of the economy. She was divorced and her ex-husband was laid off which meant the child support stopped (or was next to nothing). She had a good life, nice house, her kids had all the latest video games, toys, clothes, etc. And now she was forced to cut back because of lack of money. I felt sorry for her......until I read about how her kids now couldn't get whatever they wanted in the stores. About how now when they went shopping for that school backpack they were forced to get the less expensive one instead of the one they really wanted. WHAT???

My kids have always been taught that! When we go shopping for clothes, or school supplies, or whatever, my kids know that we are going to find the best deal. That just because my daughter *really* wanted the Hannah Montana backpack, that if it's not a good deal we're not getting it. They *know* that they can't just have whatever they want. It's not uncommon to hear me say to my kids "I know you like that one, but let's go to Target to see how much theirs is". They don't have the latest and greatest of every single toy. They don't ask Santa for tons of expensive gifts. WHY? Not because I want to be stingy with my kids but because I want them to know the value of what they have. And they do. And I'm proud that my kids only ask for 1 or 2 things for Christmas. Because if you ask them they will tell you what this season is truly about.

I thought it was so adorable when my son visited Santa last year and when asked what he wanted my son said

"Ninja Turtle van"
Santa said "what else?".
"Ninja Turtle van"
"Nothing else?"
"Nope, just a Ninja Turtle van"

When they see something they like, their first question is "Is it expensive" and if it is then they say "well, I don't really need that". Because they know it's not all about the "things". And you know what? It makes it all that more special when they're surprised with a nice gift because they truly appreciate it. But I think the key is that they never expect it.

The second thing that bothers me around this season is the giving trees. You know, the ones for needy kids and families. Now, I love the idea of the giving trees. I love the idea of being about to buy gifts for kids that are less fortunate so that they can have a good Christmas despite hard times. My issue? When I read what kids want and they ask for an ipod, mp3 player, video games, PSP games, and the like. Excuse me, but MY kids don't even ask for that stuff!! That bothers me. It makes me sad because it seems to me that they have not been taught the real reason for this giving season.

So that is my 2 minutes of complaining. You won't hear it again. I truly do love this season!!! And if your family is having hard times this Christmas season, I pray that you have a wonderful holiday filled with family and friends.


Carol said...

I hope there is room on that soapbox, because I feel the same way.

Kelly said...

Michelle...you made some good points here. Thanks for sharing. I never thought of the giving trees that way. If I don't agree with a gift request, I will find something I do agree with. There are SO many ways to share with others.

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