Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I'm always sad after Christmas is over. All of the planning, preparing, shopping, baking, anticipation til the big day. Kinda like a wedding. Then it's over! But the good thing is...364 days til it happens all over again!

We went to church on Christmas Eve and the kids from Sunday School reenacted the story of the birth of Jesus.
Then we came home and the kids opened a present from me (new pjs) and one of the presents for each other (because it was absolutely *killing* them that there were presents under the tree that they couldn't open!)
Christmas morning the kids tore through all of the record time this year I think. Or maybe it's cause they're older and the presents are getting more expensive and, therefore, there's fewer of them to open. It didn't matter. They loved everything they got and played and played for hours. As on most Christmas days we stayed in our pjs all day. It was great!

I hope you all had a wonderful and joyous Christmas!

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lovingmytwoboys said...

Ethan said "OH, Ben is playing with a Barbie!" I said No, that's Indiana Jones and he said oh, ok! :) Like Ethan has never played Barbies before! :)

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