Saturday, December 27, 2008

December Daily catch up ~ Days 8-15

Last night I stayed up late working on my December Daily album. I've discovered one helpful hint in working on this album. If you're not going to do this on a daily basis it's probably best that you still print out your photos on a daily basis and jot down the date on the back. I uploaded a bunch of photos online to be printed. Then when I got them home I had to go back and figure out what photos were for which days. Or, another idea would be to set up a separate file on your computer so that you don't have to go searching for photos. Next year I'm hoping to get this done on a daily basis as I think it would be much easier. But, nevertheless, I still managed to finish it all except for Dec 24 & 25. That goes to show you that it doesn't take long to finish if you get behind (I had only completed through Day 7).

I kept embellishments to a minimum. I wanted the album to be more about the photos. I noticed that Ali Edwards did the same thing in her album and I like her philosophy about letting the photos tell the story. And since my album is only 6x6 that doesn't leave much room for "extras" anyway.

So here goes, days 8 through 15:

I haven't figured out what to do with the backside of day 9 yet. I'll probably put some kind of embellishment or something. But for now I just left it blank.

Day 12 has an envelope for the kids' letters to Santa. I also added a little journaling card in there since I didn't have room anywhere else for journaling.

I also added some velcro to the envelope to keep it closed. Don't want to lose those precious Santa letters!
Just a note on my journaling card about the parade ~ the paper is actually the backside of packaging when I bought some of the number tags. I *always* keep cute packaging for scrapping later!
Just noticed a little typo on day 15. Thankfully it was easily fixed!

That's it for now. I'm already in photo overload on this post! I'll share more days tomorrow!

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