Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas parade, holiday fun & yummies

Yep, that about summed up our day yesterday!

In the morning we had the local parade. Ben was in it for the hockey team. Of course, he's not playing hockey (obviously) but we went anyway. It was SO cold but he had a lot of fun waving to everyone and wishing them Merry Christmas. Oh, and yelling "He shoots! He scores!"

Then we came home and had some holiday fun. Playing around the tree, torturing the dogs with Christmas hats, playing with the Thomas train that's around the know, the usual holiday merriment!

And check out these yummy yummy yummies!!!

I made these for my cookie swap on Tuesday. This batch was the "trial run". Since I hadn't made them before I had to make sure they were easy to make...and good! Yeah, these won't last long! I'll share the recipe after my swap on Tuesday. I also have a batch of these chilling in the fridge right now. The first batch had issues so I'm on batch #2. So we'll see how they turn out.

I'm off to finish some more holiday gifts...

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