Monday, November 10, 2008


Some of your comments, that is.

I am always amazed at how ugly some people can be. This is MY blog. These are MY thoughts and MY feelings. If you don't like them DON'T READ.

I don't go around telling people they are awful people because they voted for Obama. I know people who voted for him. They are all still my friends. I assume all of you that made comments to this post, also came here from Ali's blog. And if you read my comment on her blog, then you know that I was very respectful of her views. I disagreed but I was RESPECTFUL. I'm not going to ban her blog, I'm not going to tell people to not go there. In fact, I made a comment to someone elses comment about that.

And no, I did not vote for McCain on the sole abortion issue. I do not believe in socialized medicine. As a person with a life-long, incurable disease this scares me beyond belief. Because I would have died 2 years ago had I been on socialized medicine. Check the facts. People die unnecessarily on socialized medicine. I do not believe in socialized economics. I believe that if you work hard and earn your money you should keep it (after paying your *fair* share of taxes, that is). I believe in helping out the poor. I believe in helping out those less fortunate. I do not believe in just giving out handouts. I give to charities, I donate my time, I GIVE. I did my homework before I voted. I voted based on proven history and experience, not just what someone "said" they'd do.

So, if you do not believe in what I say, or do not like it, then don't come here. No one forced you to come read my blog. No one twisted your arm. You *chose* to read my blog. If you don't agree, click to somewhere else. I don't judge you. I don't call you names. Have the same respect.

And no, I will not publish your comments. Not because you don't agree with me, but because you couldn't say it respectfully.


Kelly said...

So well said! I am so sorry you had to go through that. I am just shocked that people you don't know took the time to do that.

jolie newman said...

You go girl!!! I would have voted for McCain...even if the only issue I agreed with him on was the abortion issue.BTW...I agreed with him on alot more...but that is the first think I look for in a candidate! They have to be pro-life...when you stop valuing's all down hill from there. When you don't value life from the time of conception...what is next...well the "old" people are taking up too much of the socialized medical $ let's just get rid of them too...where does it stop??? I can see this happening with the way our society is going and our lack of value for life! We have to speak for those who can not speak for themselves...we must take care of them.

Loreluca said...

How sad! I cannot understand why people do that. I have read blog entries of "bloggy friends" taht I completely disagree with. I don't even bother to say anything at all, because I know I won't change their minds. It is kind of pointless. Sometimes I just downright don't keep reading and I move on. I also voted McCain for MANY reasons, but the first, like Jolie, is the sanctity of life. It is shameful. Sometimes I feel like you cannot be conservative or Christian anymore, because people are just so nasty towards anyone who is. I will never understand it.
Well said. you have every right to voice your opinion. And they have every right to go somewhere else if they don't like it!

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