Saturday, November 22, 2008

lizards, cleaning, & lots of Tylenol (and a little scrapbooking thrown in)

Yep, that about sums up my week. Trying to do some catch up from last week. My house is a wreck. The dogs are shedding like CRAZY which means daily vacuuming. Yuck! I swear, I've brushed enough fur off my golden retriever to make a few very warm coats ;-)

Thursday I had a friend in my scrap room

Yeah, this little critter somehow made its way in there. I think it was God's way of saying "hey Michelle, your room's a mess, clean it up!!" I was very proud of myself that I managed to catch him all by myself.

Message to all critters, insects & bugs ~ I realize that my house is nice and warm and there is the occasional crumb on the floor to munch up. But the hotel is CLOSED! Seek shelter elsewhere please!!

I swear, this is the 2nd lizard in the last month that has made it into my house. The last one my dog tried to catch and, well, he lost his tail. Hey, come into a house with 2 big dogs and something's bound to happen! Oh, and did I mention I've also found 2 scorpions in the last month. They were dead, but still!!

Sleeping through the night was short lived. It only lasted one night :( And Friday my son came down with a fever. Great. A broken leg and a fever. Isn't that fun?? He seems to be doing a bit better right now so I'm hoping it was just some little bug that will be gone soon. I really should own stock in Tylenol (or whatever company owns it). Between his broken leg and being sick we're on our 3rd bottle of Tylenol. Sheesh!!

Oh and I'm pretty much finished with my holiday planner. I'll have this one up on ebay tomorrow night.

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