Monday, November 3, 2008

Gobble, gobble, gobble!

Isn't this little turkey just the cutest?!! It was made entirely with punches. I love that!!! I would love to take the credit for this idea but it actually came from a demonstrator magazine that was sent out last month. I had the girls make this one in our stamp club yesterday. I love to show versatility with scrapping stuff. I'm thinking this little turkey would make a super cute place card for Thanksgiving.

I will post the directions soon. I'm going kinda crazy right now ~ it's the countdown to Wrapper's Delight!!! Less than 4 days to go...and we leave in less than 3 days!!!

BTW, I'm sure you have noticed the videos at the top of my blog. They will be up there until tomorrow night. Regardless of your views and who you may be voting for tomorrow, I think they are worth the time to watch, ponder and think about. I make no apologies for my beliefs and morals, as they make me who I am.


Virginia said...

I hear ya on the crazy! Tomorrow is my day for the kids to go to mother's day out, so between voting, getting regular stuff done around the house, and some final Wrapper's Delight prep, I got a lot going on this week! I can't wait until Friday!

Tami said...

That turkey is so cute Michelle!!!!

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