Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas cuteness

Every year I buy my kids new Christmas pj's. You may remember this layout I had posted a little while back

I take that back, a year or 2 I didn't buy my daughter pjs cause hers fit from the year before. Usually I leave them wrapped under their trees on Christmas Eve right before we go out for church. And when they come home they have a present to open that night.

And yes, each of my kids has their own Christmas tree :) This idea started years ago when I was little, probably around 8 or 10 years old. My step-mom might remember how old I was. Anyway, one day we went to her brother's house and I was amazed at the fact that they had a Christmas tree in every room. And each one was a different theme. I can still picture them in my head. I can sense a layout idea coming.... Anyway, I thought that was just the coolest thing EVER! So, ever since then I said that when I had my own house that I would do the same thing. Well, we don't do ever year but we usually have at least 3 or 4 full sized trees in our house. It's crazy, it's time consuming, and I absolutely dread putting it all away after the holidays but I LOVE it while they're all up.

Anyway, back to Christmas pj's. Normally I buy my kids the traditional red plaid pjs. But take a look at the cute pjs I just found at The Children's Place:

Aren't these adorable?? And, they were on sale. Even better!! I wanted to get the matching slippers since I was going to get my son some for Christmas anyway, but they didn't have both sizes I needed. Oh well, no biggie.

And check out some of the other cute Etsy Christmas stuff I found. I ordered these cute holiday tags from everyjotandtittle

And how cute are these soaps???

I just love the milk & cookies soap! Too cute!!! You can find those here.

And how about these coffee sleeves? Now I don't drink coffee but I still think these are too cute! You can find those here.

The thing I love about Etsy is that everything is so unique. And best of all ~ handmade!

Oh, and I've also been working on a few Christmas things including lots of tags for Etsy and myself. I'm absolutely in love with the Winter Post stamp set from Stampin' Up and I'm going to package up everything with these tags this year!

So that's just a few Christmas goodies! I'll be back with more soon. Hope you enjoyed :)

P.S. If you're looking for some holiday tags, I have some in my Etsy shop. Click the logo on the right -->

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