Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another countdown begins...

One countdown is nearly over and another one begins. I spent an hour in line to vote today. Thankfully my 4 year old spent most of the time coloring (and he got a Happy Meal from mommy for his super good behavior!!) His school is a polling location so he didn't have school and thus had to be with me to vote. It's funny cause I remember going with my mom to vote when I was little and now I'm doing the same thing with my kids. They've always come with me. My daughter was bummed that she couldn't come (she was in school).

She asked me this morning "Can I go vote?"
And I said "No honey, you have to be 18"
"But they said on the announcements at school yesterday to go vote today"
"I think that was for the adults sweetie"
"Awwww man!"

My kids never cease to crack me up!

And so the next countown begins ~ 3 days til Wrapper's Delight!!! And actually, it's really only 2 days because we leave Thursday morning. It's about 3 hours away so we're leaving Thursday morning, we'll get there around lunch, go check out Scrap Etc, eat dinner, do girly things, check into the hotel, and who knows what else. Then WD starts bright and early at 8am. Thankfully we gain an hour driving there. I'll need it!

So today and tomorrow I need to (among other things):
pack my clothes
pack my scrappy stuff (I'm hoping to finish my Disney layouts there)
finish the gift basket for my Secret Santa
finish a few other gifts ;-)
do a quick clean up of the van (thankfully it's pretty clean already)
make cookies for the holiday soiree Saturday night

...and a bunch of other monotonous things. Here's something I worked on the other day. It's the Create-A-Calendar '09 Kit from the SU! holiday mini catalog.

The kit comes with a pocket that you put together to hold all the month pages. But I decided to use my Bind-It-All instead so that I could keep it as a little book on my scrap desk. This calendar takes literally 15 minutes to put together. Add a little stamping and dates and you're good to go!

Well, I need to get back to getting ready! Lots to do today and tomorrow :) And I'm sure like most Americans, I'll be glued to the news around 9pm to find out how this whole election is going to unfold! I'll leave you with a picture of my cute patootie Georgia voter!

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