Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Worth reading

I saw this magazine sitting on the shelf at the store today and I had to pick it up. I was so interested to read a non-biased article about Gov. Palin. Personally, I really like her. And not just because she's running with McCain and not just because she's a woman. I think that to vote for someone solely on that fact is just plain crazy.

I like her because she's got a lot going for her and just adds nothing but good things to McCain's campaign. However, what I really liked is the awareness that her addition to the ticket has given to children with Down Syndrome. Most of you know that I frequently head over to Parker's website. Well, there's a post by Tammy over on 5 Minutes for Special Needs that is certainly worth taking the time to read. I was sickened by the percentage of babies that are not allowed to come into this world, solely based on the diagnosis of Down Syndrome. Would you believe 92%?? Yeah, that's beyond crazy. And there are other issues that may come into play in the future, but you'll have to head over there and read (and decide) for yourself.

Gov. Palin said it best in her People interview when talking about her son Trig. She said "It's the way life's supposed to be. Everyone has battles, but not everything has to fit into a mold of perfection. Fulfillment and joy go much deeper than that."

Well said.


Tammy and Parker said...

What a sweetheart you are to blog about this. I, too, am very impressed with Palin and will be excited to watch her interviews and debates.

And, thank you for your gift yesterday.

Darcie Helt said...

Great blog!I will be heading out to buy this issue of people! I am so impressed with her as a women, a mother, a govener and as a VP nominee! Even though I don't agree with everything she is for, I appreiate that is stands for what she belives in and is not wish washy like other politicians! Thanks for sharing about this read!

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