Wednesday, September 10, 2008

why do they have to grow up so fast??

I really don't understand why our society wants kids to grow up so fast. First we're trying to keep all the "bad elements" away from our kids and then they go to school and are forced to learn a gazillion things by the time they're 7 years old. I just don't get it. Does stressing out 6 years olds make for better adults in the future? I think not. I'm having a hard time with it. What happen to a little bit of fun in school?? My daughter is in 1st grade and I'm amazed at the amount of work they have to do. Come on people!! My kids are going to be sick of school by the time they're in 3rd grade!

And to top it all off I was forced to discuss an issue with my daughter's teacher. Why is it that some teachers feel it necessary to "discipline" by using embarrassment or shame? WHY?? Like, for example, sending a child to her Kindergarten teacher from last year to "talk" about how their coloring is too sloppy (like a Kindergartener, not a 1st grader).

Yep, you heard me right, over coloring.

Let's get a grip people.

We're talking about coloring.

Now, this did not happen to my child. If it had all holy hell would have been unleashed. Discipline my child if they have done something they shouldn't have. But don't you DARE embarrass my child in front of other classmates or make them feel bad about themselves. That just opens the door for ridicule from other students. Don't we already have enough of that in schools?? I did say something to my daughter's teacher this morning and how I thought that was inappropriate. I was told that it was not meant to embarrass these children. Well, it did I'm sure. I hope this is the last of this issue.

Now I do not think this teacher is a bad person. She's not a bad teacher. But I think she just doesn't think or realize that the things she does now will follow these children for years to come. And what's bad is that she's not the only teacher that "disciplines" this way. I'm not for knitpicking on teachers. They have a hard job. But when it comes to my child not feeling welcome, or safe, or all around happy at school because of someone else, we're gonna have a problem.

Maybe I need to homeschool. I consider that option at least once a week. It may come to that someday.


Grandma K said...

You were so right to talk to that teacher. They need to know when a parent disagrees with their actions. I think sometimes they must get so frustrated dealing with so many kids all day that they "slip" in reacting to a situation. Children are so fragile at that young age. They need Encouragement
NOT Embarrassment. Good for you!

Heather C. said...

Good for you Michelle! You are paying her wages as a teacher and you have every right to let her know how you feel. I know from experience that once a teacher gets into a rut the child ceases to learn. My son was sent to the nurses office 3 times a week his first year just so the teacher didn't have to deal with him. Stand your ground! You are NOT WRONG!!!

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