Saturday, August 2, 2008

random weekend stuff

How do you like my new pic at the top of my blog? My hubby took that one today. He was practicing with his work camera which takes WAY better pics than mine.

Ok, so I found out today Debbie got her layout for the Croppin' Chics layout swap, so here's the one I made for her:

She wanted a little girl or boy layout. I just find it easier to do a layout without photos for a girl than for a boy, not sure why.

And this came in the mail for me today. There are so many cute cupcakes in it that I can't wait to just dive right in! Cupcakes are one of my all time favorite treats. My kids were looking through it and picked out a bunch that they want to make. Of course, they picked out the most difficult ones! So we'll start with the easy ones first and see how it goes :)

And one final thing, I was scrappin' some photos last night and I forgot to share this one. When we were in Knoxville a couple weeks ago, there were baby Robin's in the tree just outside our window. Check them out

Aren't they cute?? The momma bird kept flying away every time she heard us oohing and ahhing at the window. The poor babies were like "Where'd you go mom?? Give me that worm!!"

That's it for now. It's late, we have church tomorrow, I have scrappin' to finish, and school starts next week which means a LOT fewer late nights for me. I'll have more layouts to share tomorrow. Goodnight!

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Tami said...

I love cupcakes too! I need that book. :-)

I also absolutely love your cupcake layout you have listed right now. So cute!!

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