Thursday, July 31, 2008

going green

I recently found this neat website through Praying for Parker:

You can click here to head over there cause I can't figure out how to link it to the picture! There's a lot of neat tips on there ~ except for the one I read about putting all of your photos in online galleries so that you don't have a "bunch of scrapbooks laying around" Huh?! Did she really say that??!

But like I said, there are a lot of good tips about going green. I've recently made some small changes in our house to do our part.

I have a small garden growing in the backyard...emphasis on the word small. Now I don't have nearly enough food there to feed even one of us, let alone our family. But my goal is to make it bigger and bigger each year. I didn't want to take on a huge project all at once. And if you read my previous post about the garden and weeds you can understand why! It's hard to get motivated to go out and weed your garden (or do anything for that matter) when it's 95 degrees outside!

I don't use plastic bags anymore when I go the grocery store. I take my bags with me wherever I go ~ to the grocery store, Target, even the mall. Yes, I occasionally get that "Ugh" look from the cashier at Walmart who doesn't want to use my bags because they're more of a pain since they don't fit in their little bag holder. Oh well!! I'm doing my part for the earth! I read somewhere that only about 5% ~ yes 5% ~ of plastic bags get recycled. That means the rest end up in landfills. And not to mention all the barrels of oil that are used to make these bags.

I've also stopped using bottled water, not that we used a ton to begin with. I plan on making some recycle bins for our house and teaching the kids what goes where since they're getting old enough to learn.

I've changed a few other things but I won't bore you with everything. Just a few things to do my part! Oh, and the 5 Minutes for Going Green also has sister sites like 5 Minutes for Special Needs, Moms, etc. Check it out, it's good reading :)


Tammy and Parker said...

Our garden has grown as the years have passed too. We can like crazy from it now.

I purchased a Kleen Kanteen. And I use my own bags too.

You can find the clickable buttons on the Link To Us Page on all the sites. Now, you just need to put up a 5 Minutes For Special Needs Button in your sidebar and you'll be all set.:D

Michelle said...

I actually meant to put that one there too. It was 3 in the morning when I posted this and I was a little tired ;-)

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