Thursday, July 3, 2008

where have I been?

I know, it's been over a week since I posted anything...which is unusual for me! Well, let's see, I wasn't feeling all that great last week, my husband was out of town and I've been working a little more than normal. Let's see I've spent lots of time organizing my room and I have it almost straightened up enough to share pics. I will share an AWESOME deal that my friend Kellie found for me {big smiles!} Our ACMoore is going out of business and she found these Sizzix towers for.........about $3 a piece!!!! YES, I said 3 DOLLARS!!!! They're used but who cares??!!

She lives much closer to ACMoore than I do so she can go in there and peek at what they have for sale much more often than me!! Thanks Kellie!!! She also picked up some Sizzix dies for me, too {more big smiles!}

I also spent some time organizing my scrap paper. I have 2 12x12 containers that I keep paper scraps and cardstock scraps in. It was SO messy that I couldn't find anything. This is just the cardstock scraps...

So I organized all the patterned paper in one, got rid of the paper that I knew I wouldn't use for the next yard sale at the Shoppe. I did the same thing with the cardstock and I sorted it all into colors. Boy, this makes it SO much easier to find the scraps that I need!!! (and I'm more likely to dig into my scraps instead of cutting up a brand new sheet of cardstock for a project)

And let's see, we also spent last week making this:

and this:

My kids are such cheeseballs!!! The cake was a sprite cake that I got from the fabulous Bakerella. You can find the recipe here. I made mine with a funfetti cake cause that's all I had in the pantry. The other treat we made which is one of my kids' favorites (and mine, too!) is Monkey Munch (otherwise known as puppy chow). You can find the recipe here. My kids call it monkey munch cause that's what they call it on Jon and Kate plus 8 (one of our favorite shows!!) My daughter is still amazed that she had 6 babies in her belly!! Anyway, if you haven't tried it yet it's super yummy. Ours was gone in less than 2 days!!!

I also made a few scrapbook creations that I'll share in a separate post. This one's getting pretty big already!!

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