Thursday, July 3, 2008

mini journal books

And this is what else I came up with this week. I wanted to have a mini-journal for layout ideas that I find or come up with when I'm out and about. Sometimes inspiration for a layout happens when I'm in the grocery store or waiting in the school line. In the past I've used mini-notebooks (I especially like the ones at Target that you can alter). The only problem with notebooks (for me) is 1) they have lines which drives me nuts when I'm trying to sketch a layout and 2) once the book is filled ~ that's it. You have to get another notebook. So I came up with this cute little mini-journal that has blank index cards (who knew?!) that I found in the grocery store of all places. And since it's on a ring I can add and take away pages whenever I want! The papers are from Cherry Arte. Aren't they so bright and cute?!

I also made a few more for my etsy gallery. You can check them out here.

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