Tuesday, July 29, 2008

just tired...

I've learned a few things the past few days...

gel clings on windows will eventually melt right onto the window and make a gooey mess

the fur on stuffed animals will melt when thrown into a light fixture and the light bulb is turned on (especially if mommy doesn't realize it for several hours)

a neglected garden will eventually be overcome with weeds

frogs like to jump into my pool...but then can't get out

i need caffeine in the morning...very badly

it's very hot in southern Georgia in July

my puppy can manage to destroy any kind of bone given to her, it's just a matter of time

That's just a few things we've learned at our house! I've been super tired the last few days. I honestly could have passed out at any point yesterday! But I'm better today so hopefully that tired spell is gone.

I'll leave you with a few layouts that I worked on from the Becky Higgins school kit and expansion kits. Have I said lately how much I *love* these kits?!! There's so much to work with and all of the coordinating papers and embellishments make it SO easy to get pages done. You will see that I shamelessly scraplifted Becky's sketches for the examples below! lol Enjoy :)

I copied Becky's layout exactly on this one. It worked so well, why change it?! And it worked perfectly with the photos I had. I'm sure on future layouts I will change it up a bit depending on what I want to add to the page and what photos I have.

I followed Becky's sketch on this one but changed a few things like the background paper and photo sizes. I summarized my son's entire preschool year in one 2pg layout.

My son's self-portrait...can't wait to pull this one out in 30 years!

I also finished the layout for the Croppin' Chics layout swap. But I can't show that one til I know she's received it in the mail. Til then it's a secret!!

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Tami said...

Oh I have to get started on Andrew's school album! I just love that kit too. Love the pages you've done Michelle!

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