Wednesday, May 28, 2008

weekend stuff, organizing

I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend! We did...didn't do much. Cleaned a little, BBQ'd a little, planted some flowers, just hung out as a family. I've enjoyed being able to sleep in a bit :) Thankfully my kids haven't been getting up early since school got out.

On Saturday I let the kids have a "slumber party" in the living room

Of course, my retriever wanted to be a part of the slumber party, too!

I also worked some more on organizing my scrap room. I decided to reorganize my patterned paper by manufacturer instead of by theme. This is what my floor looked like Saturday night

I "stole" the bookshelf from my son's room to help me organize and to free up some space in his room. It's really working out well in my scrap room.

I stacked all of my baskets on top of the bookshelf (yes, I have a bit of a problem collecting baskets...but I've controlled myself believe it or not!)

Here's a close-up shot of my paper organization. I think this system is going to work out very well. All of my paper is finally in one spot and it is so nice!

I'll share more organizing pics once I'm done getting this room in order.

I don't have any layouts to share today. I'm in the process of organizing my stuff for my cropping weekend next weekend :) I can't wait! So last night I was going through my kid's baby pics (pre-digital camera days) and scanned about 80 to have developed today so I can finish their albums (hopefully) next weekend.

I am working on a Cosmo Cricket blackboard album that I hope to share in the next day or two. I also have some cute flower pots that I found that I'll share in another post.

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