Thursday, May 29, 2008

garden find

Check out these cute planters I found at a local antiques store last week. Their nested so there's 5 of them in different sizes.

I was looking for something that looked a bit "rustic" rather than the regular ol' pots that you find at Lowes. I really wanted one of those big wine barrel looking things but they're like $30 a piece...and I'm trying to be a bit frugal :) Anyway, this is what they looked like after I filled them with some flowers.

And here's a couple more pics from my paper reorganizing extravaganza last weekend :) My poor pup, couldn't get in my room with all the mess on the floor. It just kills him to not be in here with me!

And look at this big pile of paper that I'll be selling at the next yard sale at my LSS!! Now, in my defense, some packs are scraps and some of the paper was from near the beginning of this wonderful hobby. And some, well, I just looked at and thought "what was I thinking when I bought this??!"

I'm almost finished with my Cosmo Cricket blackboad album so I should have that to share tomorrow :)

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