Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fruity gift sets

My son had his last day of preschool today and their year-end program this evening. I love preschool programs...the kids always crack me up cause they're so cute!!! Anyway, these cute fruity spice jars filled with candy are what I made for each of his teachers and the school director.
I got the idea here. It was such a cute idea for the Tart & Tangy stamp set that I knew I had to make it, too! The glass containers are actually spice jars from World Market and are only $4 for a 4 pack! (Great when you have a lot of teachers to give gifts to!) I couldn't find green candy so the apple jar has multi-colored candy in it. I found the baskets at Michaels for $3, put some decorative grass in the bottom, and wrapped them up with cellophane and a bow.

Have I said lately how much I *love* this stamp set??!!

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