Monday, December 26, 2011

the day after...

We are still hanging out, the kids playing with their Christmas presents, being lazy, being together. I love hanging out the day after Christmas. Nowhere to go, just be home & relax!

I'm not one of those people who tears everything down the day after. I like to savor it. Enjoy it. I almost hate checking facebook the day after because inevitably there are people making comments like 'glad it's over', 'can't wait to get this tree down', 'ready for it to be done'. Really?? Oh sure, the tornado of Christmas paper that ran through my house yesterday left destruction in it's path. But it also left 3 happy children!

It was Addie's first Christmas. There won't be another like it. Oh sure, next year will be great. It'll be so much fun with her walking & saying a handful of words. But there only one first!

It snowed just a little bit on Christmas Eve which was very exciting. 
Not snowman making snow but just enough to get us excited! 

The kids made gingerbread houses while I made some cookies for Santa :)

We went to church on Christmas Eve as usual. 
Then stopped at Starbucks on the way home for some yummy hot chocolate. The kids wanted that to be our new tradition :)

Christmas morning was wonderful...even though I was dead tired from all of my children keeping me up all.night.long. 
It was a Lego's Christmas for Ben & girly stuff from Justice & American Girl for Olivia...and a few baby toys for Addie :)
We spent the entire day in pjs, enjoyed some Christmas music from my new cd, had yummy food, cookies & holiday punch.

And we tried to whip each other's butts at Mario Kart
Addie cracked me up at her fascination with the wrapping paper
Those eyes! hehe That's her latest look over the last couple of days. I have several pics of her doing that. One of her favorite toys was the puppy her big brother & sister got for her :)
That and her Fozzie Bear...
And the kids got me a hee-larious Beaker ornament & a Mickey Mouse popcorn bowl.
Yes, they certainly know me well. And yes, I was still in my pjs, it was about 9pm and that was my dinner :)

And now I have to tear down the Christmas tree...not because I want it down but because it is so dried out that it has become a fire hazard. Boo! So that's what I'll be doing tomorrow. Gonna leave it up just one more day :) All of the other decorations will stay up til New Year's Day.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


Michelle said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family! I am glad you had a great one!! I love the pics. That first one of Addie.. you sure can tell she loves wrapping paper!

Cheryl B. said...

Love the pic of hte kids on the porch. I was browsing and saw your Dec daily first couple of pages. I went to Sweet Memories on one of my last trips back to GA and got the kit of the papers you used for mine. How funny is that? I stayed up til 1 last night getting all my pics in mine. Paying for that today but I love scrapping into the night. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas.

Mara... said...

What fabulous photos!! Looks like you had a great holiday. And I love still being in my pj's at 9pm. It's the best!

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