Friday, November 25, 2011


I have much to be thankful for this year. Especially for this little turkey!
This little one has us laughing at her cuteness each and every day :)

We have my dad & step-mom in town this year for Thanksgiving so it was nice to be able to cook for someone other than the 4 of us...well, technically 5 of us but Addie didn't eat turkey this year ;)
I brined the turkey again this year which made for a very juicy turkey. Yum. I didn't get too many pics cause, um, I was hungry. 

I tried a couple new recipes this year which all turned out great. Like these bacon wrapped smokies...
Super yummy. Definitely will be making those on Christmas. I followed the recipe except for freezing the smokies (not sure what that step was for??) and I used turkey smokies (you couldn't tell the difference with the bacon & the sweet sauce).

I also made some Texas Roadhouse style cinnamon butter. That was a definite hit. No one used the regular butter for the biscuits. I'll share the recipes for the biscuits & butter in a separate post. Mmm....I think I need another one!
Oh, and the Breaking Dawn premiere last week. One word. Awesome
Such a great movie. I can't wait to go see it again! They did such a good job with this one. Even Kristin Stewart who I don't particularly like was good. Can't wait to go see it again.
When we came out of the movies it was snowing...and continued to snow off and on all weekend.
I could not get the kids to stay in the house. They played out in the snow for hours.

It all melted on Tuesday. But I'm sure it will soon be back!
My hot water heater went out on know, 2 days before Thanksgiving. That was good timing. Thankfully we got someone out on Wednesday to fix it and {keeping fingers crossed} it's been ok since.
I hope you all had a wonderful turkey day with lots of friends, family & thankfulness. I'm not a black Friday shopper so we slept in a little, stayed in pjs, and enjoyed each others company :) Our company is heading home tomorrow so we'll probably head out for our tree this weekend!


Michelle said...

I am glad you had a wonderful holiday with your family!! I am completely surprised by our weather. Totally out of the norm.. so MILD! No snow!! We got a few inches about a week ago, but it all melted. I spend the beginning of the week making our turkey dinner to pack it all up and head up to the North Shore on Lake Superior (Duluth-Two Harbors, MN). It was so nice and quiet. Hubby, kids and I had a great time!!!

Little Addie is so cute!! Gosh, you sure can tell all of your kids are siblings! They look so much alike!

Mara... said...

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving!!! We didn't have snow but it did rain all day. Not as much fun to play in as the snow. Can't wait for the cinnamon butter recipe!

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