Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday Friday

I've received so many nice comments on Addie's quilt. Thank you :) I've also been asked several times about which pattern I used so here it is: Abundantly Blessed by Cotton Way.

It's an easy pattern although there was one step that had confusing wording. I had experienced quilters with me and they didn't get that one part either. But none had done a 'non-traditional' quilt like this one. But after finishing it I think I understand what she meant so if you do this and find it confusing let me know! 

The pattern also comes with the template for the white shaped pieces that get sewn on top. After using the template a few times I just freehanded it and it worked just fine.

I think I'll probably make another one of these quilts because I just love the look of it. I may try and make one a little bit bigger, we'll see!

And btw, if you didn't know this, the designer of the Cotton Way patterns is the mom of the designer for the Ruby line that I used in my quilt. I didn't even realize it at first when I bought the 2! You can check out their blogs here.


I came home yesterday morning from taking the kids to school to find this:
I was too tired the night before to clean up the pan of chicken that was on the stove. Apparently my dog took it upon herself to have a snack...and dumped my dish, and the chicken, and all the grease all over the floor. 


Chicken grease mixed with broken glass....nice. I was grateful to not have tile floors anymore. Otherwise I might have had a cracked floor & even more shattered glass. And our family might be minus one dog. Just sayin'...


I got a new toy...
I've been wanting one of these for a looong time. And when I saw one at Costco...attached to a really good price...I snatched it up. It's a little bit of a pain because it's on the smaller side but it looks so cute in my kitchen and makes some yummy popcorn. Mmmmm....popcorn....

Now I need to move my pictures that are on the wall behind it...


The kids had their Halloween parties yesterday. They really have an awesome school that knows how to celebrate that's for sure.

We had a zombie and a witch...
And, of course, they will have different costumes for Halloween. I was at the school for nearly 3 hours & totally exhausted after from running back and forth to their classrooms.
Matching spider webs :) A lot of the moms even dressed up when they came to help out at school. I am so doing that next year! Addie enjoyed watching all of the kids dance the Monster Mash...
I actually bought that onesie last year after I found out I was pregnant. I added a black ribbon ruffle to make it a little more girly. 


I made 'monster mix' for the kids classes. I vary it up from year to year but here's the basics:
Chex cereal, teddy grahams, pretzels, marshmallows & candy corn. Sometimes I use caramel corn instead of the cereal. 
I usually bag it up since usually I've found that there's so many treats the kids can't possibly eat them all. This way they can take it home if they want. 
I found these easy zipper bags so I didn't have to fool with twisties...when you're making 50+ bags it makes it much easier.


I realized today how much I still have to do before Halloween. Can you believe it's just two days away?!?!

I'm finishing up the kids costumes & I'm hoping we can head out to the park tomorrow & do a quick photo shoot with them all dressed up.
And it just dawned on me that we haven't carved pumpkins yet. Eeek!!!

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