Saturday, September 24, 2011

baptisms...beautiful beginnings

Last Sunday was Addie's baptism. It was a beautiful day. Just perfect.
The dress was Olivia's. I just love it. I'm hoping to see future grandchildren in it :)
A kiss from big sister before church :)
She slept through almost the entire Mass. Barely even moved when she was getting holy water poured on her head...I thought for sure at that point she'd wake up & fuss ;)
The priest doing her baptism was newly ordained this year and is new to our parish. He had done a few baptisms before but this was the first one since becoming a priest. But he did a great job.
We also had a couple visiting priests, one from Tanzania and one from India who was a traveling missionary who did the Homily. He did such a wonderful sermon about choosing to live for God. Basically the premise was that you could choose to act like others, choose to act badly when you see others doing it, or you can choose to live for God & essentially choose to live a happier life. It was a perfect sermon for my kids :)

After church we took the visiting grandparents to one of our favorite places...
YUM :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Tomorrow starts children's liturgy (Sunday School) which means waking up much earlier. Wish me luck!!


mom2amanda said...

Many congratulations on this truly blessed day.

Michelle said...

What a wonderful day!!! Yes, a great message for the kids. I love the photo of her in her gown sleeping. She looks like an angel!! I am sure there will be a scrapbook page in the works with that photo. She is just precious. And I am really missing my kids being that little looking at those precious photos of her. I love the one of her with Olivia too... so sweet!!

Becky said...

Awww... what beautiful pics! I wish I could've been there! Hopefully we can figure out the ssschedule so I can see you guys soon! :-)

Love ya!

Traci said...

her blessing dress is beautiful!!! love it! my daughter is almost 9 and hers still hangs in her room as a decoration piece!!!
oh and love the old spaghetti factory!! miss that place!! they have one in utah!! yum!

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