Monday, August 22, 2011

sidewalk paint

We tried something new the other day. 

Sidewalk paint.

You mix equal parts of corn starch & water, then add food coloring. Then let the fun begin!
We did more 'splattering' than drawing...cause that was more fun :)
It's a little hard to mix up. The corn starch wants to turn into cement. The first batch I made worked just fine. The second one...well, I had trouble with it. I think what might make it easier next time is to add the corn starch to the water (instead of the reverse) & not add it all at once. We'll see if that works better.
The colors looked really cool when they washed into each other.
And the next time it rains it'll all wash away.

1 comment:

Shauna {Lemon Kissed} said...

I've never tried sidewalk chalk paint, but this seems like something me and the kiddo should do tomorrow! Thanks for the great idea and beautiful pictures.

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