Thursday, June 23, 2011

2 weeks

Hard to believe...just 2 weeks ago I was sitting in a hospital room with a brand new baby girl. I realized at her dr appt this morning that my actual due date was yesterday. Weird!
Addie is such a great baby. She loves to snuggle. We're all settling into our 'new' life. Our new family of 5.
Still hard to believe that I'm a mom of 3 now. Btw, thanks Izabela for reminding me to change my profile ;)
I'm starting to feel a bit more recovered from my surgery so we've been trying to get out a little bit even if it's just to head out to lunch. I can't wait to start getting out more & enjoying the summer with my kiddos :)

Thank you to everyone for your sweet comments on our new addition :) We certainly feel very blessed.


Michelle said...

She is precious, Michelle!! Glad you are feeling better and getting out a bit!

Izabela said...

Michelle she is absolutely beautiful...can't believe it's been 2 weeks. Your family of 5 looks wonderful.
Enjoy your summer with your 3're welcome for the reminder :)

Carol said...

So sweet. And tiny. And precious. I hope you are getting some rest and recovering.

Catherine Tsvetkova said...

So nice and red-haired))))

Traci said...

she's adorable! can't believe 2 weeks has past!
glad to hear your getting the hang of everything and your new life!

Katie R. said...

Addie is such a beautiful baby! Happy to hear that everyone is adjusting well and that you're recovering well!

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