Saturday, April 23, 2011

surrounded by boxes

The packers came on Thursday and Friday (the 'moving' kind, not the 'Green Bay' kind) and packed up just about everything we own.
Just about...after they left we discovered that they missed under one of the bathroom sinks, under the kitchen sink and the hall closet. 
I'm sure the driver will be thrilled to know that they have to do some packing when he shows up on Monday.

It's always weird to see your entire life in boxes...and to come to the realization (once again) that you have a lot of crap!
When my husband was cleaning out the attic he discovered that he has misplaced the hardware to the baby's crib {sigh} That crib is nearly 10yrs old. I really hope we'll be able to get new hardware for it cause that's just one more expense I don't want to have right now.

I always laugh that the movers make comments about all of the craft stuff I have. I always get asked 'do you get paid to do this stuff??' hehe The one guy said his wife was jealous when he told her how much stuff I had. All 22 boxes of it.
And now the kids are officially bored. No toys, nothing to do but play their DS or watch tv. We kept out a few books but those are for the road. So they took to 'decorating' all of the moving boxes :)

Indiana Jones anyone??

The kids had their last day of school on Friday. They'll be finishing up their last month in WA since the schools there go until June.
We went to one of Ben's last baseball games today before we move. Great game. We lost but made some great hits.
Then the boys got hair cuts while the girls got pedicures...and Ben promptly stepped on my foot before I even made it out of the place. Guess I'm not meant to have nice toes!
I swear, this GA heat & humidity is making my feet look like Fred Flinstone feet!

The driver & his guys come on Monday to start loading up our stuff & once they're done on Tuesday we'll hit the road. Hopefully they won't be here too late on Tuesday so we can get a good couple hours of driving in. I still need to map our our drive. We have a GPS but I need to map out where we might be stopping so I can plan for hotels that allow dogs.
I'm ready for all of this part to be done & for us to be in our house in WA. This has definitely been a more stressful move that the previous ones...more than I had anticipated. But we're nearing the end & I'm ready for adventure driving across the country!

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Paula said...

Good luck with your move! Aren't you glad that YOU didn't have to pack up everything you own?

Happy Easter!

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