Saturday, April 9, 2011

our new home

So our trip to WA was very exhausting...and also fun :) Can I just say right off the bat that I know we are going to love it there! And everyone we met was so nice & said 'oh, you are going to love it here!!' So much to do there. 

And the views...
I love seeing mountains in the background. I know I will never get tired of seeing them. I loved the feel of downtown which is where our hotel was. 
McDonalds...breakfast of champions :) Is it me or are McD's pancakes awesome?? I'm having a major craving for them right now...

By the way, how do you like that leopard furniture in our hotel room?? hehe I thought it was pretty cool!
Walking around downtown at night I didn't feel the least bit apprehensive like you do in some cities. It had a small town yet trendy feel with neat restaurants & stores. We went to this mall which had 5 or 6 levels (kinda freaky going up the top levels of that escalator!)

One of the nights there we ate dinner at Rock City Grill. I'm still dreaming about the cheesecake. I was having some major cheesecake cravings that week...still am ;)
And I was so thrilled to see a Williams Sonoma store again. Oh how I love that store. I mean, seriously, how cute are these measuring spoons??
They're little mixing bowls :)

Another night we ate at Steam Plant Grill. Mmmmm good food!! And the restaurant is built around an old steam plant...we got to go inside that smoke stack on the right.

Another restaurant we went to downtown overlooked Spokane Falls. Definitely want to come back here in the summer.

I imagine it will look much nicer once we're into the full swing of spring & summer.

We looked at 20+ houses in 2 days, went back & looked at a couple of our faves on day 3 & made an offer. There were a few houses we really liked but ultimately it came down to space. The house we settled on has a partial basement which is something we were really hoping to find since the house only has 3 bedrooms.

I won't bore you with a ton of pics cause quite honestly I think empty house pics are a bit boring. But I was thrilled it had a decent size yard...definitely a must with 2+ kids & 2 dogs!

There were a few houses that were just a no go simply because of the yard. And check out this view from our neighborhood just one street over from our house...

I can't wait to take walks around the neighborhood with the baby in a stroller, walking the dogs, while the older 2 are riding their bikes {sigh}

On our flight there the kids got to meet the pilot & go in the cockpit. Ben even got to test out the pilot's seat :)

The flight home we had a layover in UT. Such pretty mountains, holy cow!


So now we're just trying to coordinate the sale of our house, closing on the new one, the movers, doing all that needs to be done before we begin the 2400+ mile trek to WA!


caroline hancock / Scrappercaz said...

You will never bore of the mountains, i have mount taranaki outside my front door, i never tire of looking at it, it is now just starting to get snow on it and is stunning.... when i was pregnant with Lucy i was ADDICTED to Mc'd pancakes i used to eat 2 portions at a time lol. house looks amazing, and the town looks great too, you must be so excited, i know we were when we moved to NZ from the UK. though we came blind lol hadnt even visited it before, but we fell in love straight away ..

Carol said...

Those Utah mountains ~ GORGEOUS! I am so thrilled for you guys, although a teensy bit jealous. I wish I were moving! Do they have a Home Goods? I think that would put me over the edge!!

Kim's Treasures said...

Gorgeous!!! You will love it! My cousin loves WA!!!

As of tonight, our POD is full and our home empty (except of the donatables and junk to be trashed). In a few short weeks it will be up for lease and our new townhome under construction. What changes we are going through, I cannot imagine going through it pregnant and with small kiddos.

Hope it all goes swimmingly!!!

Paula said...

You have been one busy gal! I hope everthing goes smoothly with your house sale, purchase, and move.

Life as we are living it said...

WOW! The mountains are beautiful. I know yall will love it. Down town looks fun. New resturants, 5story mall, the views, you will never look back. We will miss yall though.
Now you see why I miss Utah. I would move there in a 1/2 a second. I want to visit again so bad.

Mara... said...

It looks amazing Michelle. You must be so excited to move!! And that pizza made my stomach growl, it looks sooo good!! I'm so glad you are looking forward to your move!

Traci said...

so glad you found a home! looks like a fun place for sure!
yeah for the utah mountains, since that is my real home! u will never tire of the mountain scene.
so glad to hear how excited u guys are!

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