Saturday, April 30, 2011

greetings from S. Dakota!

We made it to Rapid City, SD yesterday. After 3 1/2 days of driving we decided to take a break and see Mt. Rushmore today.

I have pics to share but since the cord to download them is somewhere packed in the truck I'll just have to save those for when we arrive in WA.

But here are some of our trip highlights so far:

Our first night we made it to Chattanooga, TN. The next morning we woke to thunder & tornado warnings. We headed downstairs to wait it out & soon discovered after we left that it looked like a tornado hit just down the road. Check out this video. Most of what's shown was right down the road (like, within just a couple blocks of where we were) And later we heard about how hard it hit AL. Scary stuff!

The next day was full of more storms & bad weather driving through the rest of TN. By the time we made it to St. Louis, MO we had left the rain behind us. And as we drove through St. Louis I couldn't help but think of that one scene from National Lampoon's Vacation where they get lost in the hood. Love Chevy Chase! hehe

There were a bunch of antique stores along the way. I think in MO or IL. It killed me to not stop for them!

We found a neat little place to stop & eat lunch in Chamberlain, SD yesterday. Touristy, yes, but still cute. Then we came out to discover that one of our pooches had an upset tummy...the stinky kind of upset tummy. Thank goodness we had some carpet tiles thrown in the back of our van. Those were quickly pitched in the trash! Unfortunately, both of the dogs have had upset tummies.

After driving for 3 1/2 days I had some massive cankles. Very attractive, lemme tell ya!

South Dakota has been *very* windy. Like, the entire drive through the state the car was being pushed by the wind. 
Mt. Rushmore was very cool. Very pretty. I wish it wasn't so cold & windy so that we could enjoy it more. But we ate lunch there & had a good view of it from our table. Oh, there were also snow flurries! Oh, and today is my 10 yr anniversary :)

We've driven in 7 states already & I can't tell you how many miles. I think about 1700? 4 more states to go!

Tomorrow we have to hit the road again. I'm hoping to make it to Butte, MT and then on to Spokane. And more driving!!!


Michelle said...

It has been cold here in WI and very windy!!! Easter and yesterday (Friday) were the only nice days this week. It rained all day and tonight, that wind is howling some more! Glad to hear you made it through all the storms. Happy Anniversary!!! Have a safe rest of your trip!!!

Paula said...

Be safe on the road and try to enjoy your adventure. Mt. Rushmore is on my list of places I'd like to see.

clements_diane said...

Many suburbs of Chattanooga were destroyed Wednesday in the tornados. In our area of Chattanooga there were over 40 deaths. Such terrible loss of life and property. Glad you have had a safe trip. Cannot imagine driving that far. Safety for the rest of your trip.

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