Tuesday, March 15, 2011

back to reality

I'm back from a much needed weekend away from all the house selling/moving stuff that's been going on the last month. I'm still getting over being sick and actually I'm feeling worse today but...life moves on!
I joked that I may have to hide in the closets & not come out....

Movie anyone?? 
I fell asleep in those leather recliners on more than one night.
Outdoor fire anyone??
I mean, who would want to leave?? It was beautiful there, the food was awesome, great friends to scrap with, great food. Yes, the food was great! 
After seeing her pretty serving dishes I'm thinking I really need to get some new ones after I move...
The owner had so many requests for her recipes that she made her own cookbook. Yes, I bought it and yes, I already have about 10 pages marked for my next trip to the grocery store! I had planned on going today but rain + grocery shopping = soaked mama. So I'm waiting for a little bit better weather.

I got lots done & I'll be sharing all of those this week including some Disney layouts & some using the latest Noel Mignon kit. Love, love, love her latest kit! 
Til then friends :)

Oh, and if you won something in a giveaway I did a couple weeks back I did not forget about you. My packages got out a bit late with the house stuff & being sick the last 2 weeks. It's on it's way!!


lauriec said...

Looks like a fun weekend! I love her Polish Pottery too. About 6 years ago I started a "collection" that turned into our daily dishes.

clements_diane said...

Looks wonderful. Where is this place?

Cheryl B. said...

Who hosted your retreat? I would love to get in on this next time around. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I'm jealous. Hope you feel better soon.

Noel said...

omg...I would never leave! ;)

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