Monday, January 24, 2011

Project Life - January weeks 1-3

So are you on the Project Life bandwagon?? Have you heard of it, do you know what I'm referring to?? If not, you can click here to check it out

I love the concept of this. Now, in my 'regular' scrapbooking I'm not an event only scrapper. I scrap the little everyday things, too. But here's my take on Project Life & why I'm doing this in addition to my regular layouts:

Not all of the 'everyday moments' are scrap worthy. This is a way to get all of our life moments in a scrapbook, like the kids' awards ceremonies at school, my scrap days, the kids playing games on the floor, etc. Each of these is not worthy of it's own layout but I still want that piece of history remembered.

I love the ability to take a real-time look into our day to day lives. 

So that's why I'm doing it. I'm not necessarily doing a picture a day. My own philosophy is to have each 2pg layout be a snapshot of that week. Some layouts might actually have a picture a day, some might have a couple pics from one particular day. 

Week 1:
I wanted to keep this album in a Sunday to Saturday format. So since January 1st was on a Saturday I just rolled that into the 1st week. Didn't matter anyway, we were in Disneyworld that whole week.
I grabbed some of my favorite photos along with some memorabelia that I kept from the trip.
Week 2:
As you can see I'm not quite finished with this layout. We had just gotten back from Disney & the kids had 2 snow days that week. I may go back and add a photo along with some cardstock to fill in the empty spaces. I may also try and find some news blurbs about the freezing rain we got that week.

Week 3:
I added the date in Photoshop to some of the photos (but not all). I also added a receipt from Panera (& how I fell on my arse during lunch!).
I'm also thinking about using PL for the baby's 1st year album. Still trying to decide what to do but I'm thinking that might be a neat way to do it. Only since I don't know if I'm having a boy or girl I'll have to wait til June to purchase another kit!

Updated - I ended up going ahead & purchasing the Turquoise kit for the baby. After looking through the kit I thought the journaling cards would work perfectly for a baby's first year album. And I will probably use my own album instead of the one that comes with a kit so I don't need to worry about it looking too 'boyish' if I have a girl!

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kimnkell said...

What a great idea Michelle. Love it!

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