Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a visit with Santa

We were a bit late getting to see the big guy this year...which meant a long wait in a long line. It started to move pretty well til the people ahead of the people just ahead of us (make sense??) insisted on spending fooooorreeeevah trying to get THE perfect Santa photo of their screaming 2 yr old. 

And do you know those people didn't buy a photo and are going to come back and torture that child a second time in the hopes of getting a 'perfect' Santa photo. 

Why do parents not realize that if their kid is screaming on Santa's lap there's not much you're gonna do to get him/her to stop?? Just take the #$%%$^ picture and move on with your lives people!!

Actually, I like those pictures. They make me laugh. We only have one. I believe it was the year my son was almost 2. He cried. I knew he would. The lady kept trying to make him smile and I just told her 'don't worry about it, just take the picture'. I'm all about living in the moment. If he was crying that year then that's the memory I want to record, not a fake one. 

By the way, that year he cried til he discovered that Santa had M&M's in his basket. Then he decided that maybe the big guy in the red suit wasn't so bad after all! hehe

So here are a few pics of the kiddos this year. I'm so happy to see that even at almost 7 & 9  they are still super excited to see Santa.

Ben having a deep conversation with Santa. This year's question? Don't you get full eating all those cookies??

Santa said time doesn't matter on Christmas Eve for him (i.e. time stands still) & therefore he doesn't get full. But on any other day he would get full if he ate that many cookies!
By the way, last year's question came from Olivia - she asked Santa 'what do you do after drinking all that milk if you have to go to the bathroom??'

Oh yes, I have very curious children!! hehe


Chelle said...

I don't have photos of my youngest from age 1 to age 4 with Santa. I couldn't even get him near him and this year (age 4) was a little iffy. The week before she walked a large circle away from him and then the week we went she decided she was a big girl and could do it. I do have crying ones from when she was 1..actually 2..cause she did fine for one photo and then the boys insisted on being with her and that was a crying one.

Traci said...

what a fun santa and love the questions from inquiring minds too!

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