Sunday, November 7, 2010

sometimes...I really dislike people

When they puncture your tire - in your driveway - and you have to buy a brand new one because the hole went clear through the entire tire. Oh, and did I mention said tire was brand new because I just put new tires on my van 4 mos ago?? 

Or, when people do this to your yard...
My pretty trees, littered with tp. No one else in the neighborhood got hit. I guess only I was the lucky one. Well, one other house got a teeny tiny bit. But compared to mine theirs doesn't really even count. I think they probably just had a little bit left & wanted to get rid of the evidence.
You see, we live in a subdivision that's out in the woods. And for some reason people (aka teenagers/young adults) seem to think that we're ripe for the pickin' when it comes to vandalism & theft. And for some reason some of those people also think that we have money. Let me tell ya, if someone broke into my house they would find a 10 yr old VCR and a tv that's so heavy it wouldn't be worth carrying out. No flat screen tvs or fancy electronics. 

Of course, this would all be if they made it past my dog.

Cause she is fiercely protective of her home...
See that fur sticking up?? That was for the Fed Ex guy the other day. And she did go nuts last night so she probably heard the idiots in my yard. I looked outside but didn't see anything. Probably because they didn't get close enough to the house for me to see them.

Next time I'm gonna introduce them to my dog's teeth. 

Like I said, sometimes I really dislike people...


Katie R. said...

I am so sorry, Michelle. =( I don't think I will ever understand how people enjoy doing stuff like this to others. Just ugly human beings. If only you had seen them. Man, they'd have wished they had never done it. Baby hormones make you do crazy stuff afterall. What goes around, comes around. They will get theirs.


Bec said...

Yuck. Some people are just so dumb. My parents live in a nice neighborhood right on the edge of town which meant we were prone to getting things stolen. My car got broken into twice. Are CDs really that worth it?!

Carol said...

Next time I'd just let the dog out. She'll come back, but probably with someone's skin in her mouth.

Jen @ said...

Oh no Michelle!! I am SO sorry. That is terrible!


Becky said...

Oh Shelle, all your pretty trees! :-(

Maybe put up a sign that says "This house protected by a guard dog AND an agent!" ha ha

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